Fleas and Bedbugs

FeasFleas are tiny insects, 2mm long, can jump as high as 16 inches and can start laying eggs soon after their very first meal.  They are wingless and are flattened side to side, red-brown in colour with backwardly directed spines and legs designed for jumping.


Although pets are the most common way to get fleas, home without pets can also get infested.  If you go outside, you can bring fleas in to your home.


They are parasites that live on a host’s warm blood, biting the skin and sucking the blood to feed.  There bits can cause intense irritation around the central bright red spot, but different people can react in different ways.


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Bedbugs are usually found in premises that have a high resident turnover, such as hostels, holiday camps and flats.  It is usually a small brown disc about 3.5mm long and it is wingless but the legs are well developed and they can crawl up most vertical surfaces, e.g. bed legss.


They generally emerge to feed at night and their bits can cause severe local irritation.  They also produce a characteristic unpleasant smell.


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